Welcome to Dreamy Vinyl!

by admin on September 26th, 2009

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Hello and welcome to Dreamy Vinyl.

What is Dreamy Vinyl? It is a home based vinyl lettering business.

If you want to see lots of pictures of our products from customers go to our Facebook page

What surfaces can you use? You can apply it straight to your wall. As long as your paint has been dry for 30 days it should not harm the paint upon removal. You can use Glass, Tile, Mirrors… I love the stick figures for your car back window.

How long does it last? On a car it is set to last 4-6 years, indoor much longer. I have vinyl lettering on my car and it goes through snow, heat, rain, the carwash, and it is still there.

How do you remove it? On a wall you carefully pick up an edge and peel off. On glass, it works better if the glass is slightly warmer. You can carefully take a razor blade to lift and peel, or use your finger. if there is any residue left just windex and a paper towel removes it nicely.

What products do you use? We use mostly Oracal 631 vinyl and all wood is painted with Valspar or Olympic paints

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